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“This website pMachineHowTo was [originally] created as a way of distributing How To or How Do I information on pMachine and now ExpressionEngine.”

Those of you who have come to this site to get additonal information on the (now obsolete) pMachine blogging tool or the (not currently obsolete) ExpressionEngine content management system should instead visit the ExpressionEngline homepage (the owners of this website current do not use or recommend the software; in fact, we’re currently using BaseCamp and are rather happy with it!).

Who are the current owners? Funny you should ask.

We’re actually a bunch of blokes who are half computer geeks and half gambling fiends (some of us are all one or the other, some of us are half-and-half in one body, if you follow me). We’re perhaps a little too fascinated by online gambling, but then again anything that interests us at all tends to get us a little too fascinated. We’re dorky in a way that we give gift baskets to each other every year on holidays. You know how geeks are.

We’re also into fashion, of course, who wouldn’t be given the array of sites that offer products and advice to make us look cooler. Just so you don’t think we’re only guys, there are women here, and they keep reminding us that web stores like Gabor Wigs from ElegantWigs.com Online help keep our self esteem up in the clouds, where the best work gets done. We have mentioned this on other parts of this site, and we’ve received comments that suggest that hair and hair pieces are fetishes around here, but it’s just not true! You don’t necessarily need a wig to get there, but if you’re a woman, and your appearance is important to you (and who would declare otherwise?) knowing where to turn for help is a big deal. We offer that help because we have experts here who know and share ideas!

So anyway, we’ve been around the block a few times with Internet gambling, and we hoped that our experience and (dare we say it) expertise would come in handy for those of you who are contemplating dipping your toes in the deep waters of online gambling, whether you’re wearing a wig, a cap, both, or just sunglasses.

On the other hand, our computer geekness is a great help to those having issues with their computers. Although we are sometimes silly, underneath that facade, we specialize in expert service and repair as well as custom built PCs, servers and workstations for our own use and for others. Our basic bread and butter business involves computer repair, virus removal, data recovery, in-home service and we make house calls, and also custom built PCs which are awesome.

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